MD PTA Dad of the Year: Doug Howard

This year, our PTSA President Becky McKirahan nominated Treasurer Doug Howard for the Maryland PTA Dad of the Year.  He won, and Becky presented him with his trophy at our September General Meeting.


Here is the letter Becky wrote when nominating Doug:

I would like to nominate Doug Howard as Dad of Year for the Maryland PTA Awards.  Thomas Viaduct Middle School PTSA was founded in August of 2014 by a group of parents and staff. Doug was very active from the initial planning stages of our PTSA. As you know, starting up a PTSA/PTA is a very rigorous endeavor that we were fortunate enough to have great volunteers, including Doug, help us get started. He was very active during the bylaws, initial budgets, website and goals of our PTSA.

Doug took on the role of treasurer during our first elections. He has done an amazing job keeping us organized and compiling detailed reports. Having never done this before in a PTSA, he had to learn as he went along. He has been instrumental in creating the foundation of our PTSA and the financial organization of the group.  There are not enough words of gratitude for him.

Having a male role model on our PTSA is so instrumental in teaching our kids the importance of family involvement in their education. We are a Parent Teacher Student Association, and as such, often have students at our meetings. I am very proud when they can see a Dad involved and helping so much.

Doug and his wife  were both very active with our big fundraiser this year, our Quarter Auction. This family friendly event was a huge success and brought in almost $5K for our treasury. They were in charge of the door and organizing the ball system, and as you can see, was a big job.

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Doug, and his family, is present at every event and volunteers to help with everything. We could not have made it our first two years without his presence, organization, spirit and sense of community.  Doug is very kind and giving to all. He takes great pride in keeping our financial records detailed and organized.

I am so grateful to him, personally, as taking on role of President of a new organization was a big responsibility for myself  and my family,  and I knew I could always count on Doug to help.  He has always worked in collaboration of others. His commitment to our school and students goes above and beyond. He honors diversity and involvement of all. He shows respect to us all with his actions and willingness to help all. He has shared the large burden of accountability for our financial records of our PTSA.

Thank you for your consideration of Doug as Father of the year.  I honor him and is commitment by nominating him for this award, as I feel he does reflect the purposes of PTA.